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Finding what i looked for in the past
Written @ 02.45
----------------2010, 4 June--------

wow. just one word that i wanna say "FREEDOM" yeahhhh.
Of course, it's because today 
I've done all my examination, task, and some stuff like this xD
Just back then to the usual habbits. 
Browsing, Twitting, Chating, texting, hanging out for sure. :))
kekekeke~. But, tommorow, I will be having CLASSMEETING
still must be fighting ohh- :p

But, i like today.
It was the greatest day ever! When will it happen for the second time? :(
when I would back from my lovely school, i met someone that i miss. 
I din suppose that he would come~ Actually, he is more cute. ><
I think that we won't meet each other forever. 
The way says difference. And, Still he remembers me? 
Ahh it's really understandable and full of fears. TTTT
Just wanna say good bye- 

ok all- i'm so tired. Hope to see you later. xD

Written @ 23.13
Can't stop launghing, coz I love to laugh XDXDXD
Actualy, i have watched SGB reality show in KBS.
it may be episode 270. 
there was onew. hua. he wore white uniform
how cute he was. hahhh.

There were some conversation that makes me laughing
mc : You can only answer yes or no! Alright?
O : No.
Everyone : =))=)))
mc : Do you like girls more that guy?
O : Yes
mc : is Juri a girl?
O : Yes
mc : Have you ever sent a text messege to Juri?
O:  Yes
mc : Have you ever kissed Juri?
O : She jumped me....YES
mc : So you've text message and kissed her too?
O : Yes *innocently
mc : I will let our viewers to make their own conclusion.
      This is the relationship between Juri and Onew
hua. really shaked my stomach~
wakkaakakaa. can't forget his innocent face :|
the more smile he does, the cuter he is

--The instruction--
Written @ 22.52
how to dunlott fastly? XDXDXD
there are some instruction

1. go to this site http://10giay.com/rapid/
2. Sign in
3. Share the link in C-box
4. Wait a moment, then it will appear the link.

so easy isn't it?
Just try it~

Caranya :

1. Masuk ke situs http://10giay.com/rapid/
2. Daftar
3. Masukkan link di C-box
4. Tunggu beberapa saat, kemudian akan muncul link

mudah kan?
buruan cobaaa~

Lovely day with hubby
Written @ 06.07
wuaaa. i can't imagine that day~
i hope that it won't be end quicklyy~
hahaaa. coz tomorrow i have to back to school
how lazy i am, isn't?
Needs more holidayy. aaaa.
gonna be crazy to face a lot of task in school

emm, yeaa.
i most forget to tell about what's going on with this day xD

finaly i can DL SGB programm.
and When I was browsing YT, I found dream teammm.
aaa. there were full of shinee.
hahaaaaa. i'm happy for sureeee.

my mother allowed me to go to somewhere that i want to go there~
hahaaaaaaa. so exsciting for me.
idk why, huaaa. can't wait until the next long holiday =))

okaii, thats all :)

closer to the freedom
Written @ 18.49
finally, i have done all my exam and everything about task~
yeahh, how a tired month isn' it?
Then, on 22th December I will be know the result of my studying.
idk about my mark. I hope that result will proud my parents :D
ohh, i'm really hopeness of it.
after that, i will spend my holidae with my friends and my parents indeed.
My christmast holiday is longg *XDXDXD, it's about 2 weeks may be.
I will fill my holiday with our plan [Degrees crew], which has decided before.
Go to BNS [Malang], Sby city, or may be go to ______. XD~ 
Yeah, Japan? sure~ i want to go this place
i want to see cosplay in it. especially harajuku fashion~
aaaaa, really adorable place isn't it? wkakakakaa

it's my lovely food actually~ so taste orhh. (:

wanna choholate ice more~ wkakkaaa
okaii, that's all

busy week :(
Written @ 01.54
i'm back to the blog~

so had damn tired for a week~
because, this week
my school is holding a festival
there are many interesting competition. such as basketball, dance, and idk so on
so busy week, isn't?
before that, i had many test. so had much of pain orhh~

there was
1. computer test
2. economic test
3. chemistry test
4. english test

aaaaa, no free weekend laa~
I hope it not continue up in the next week~

therefore, next week will be the busy day at all
cant online, and so on.

yesterday, i got a bit problem
really, the useless persons who distrub me with the unimportant saying
ckckkckkc, *kicked*
and that man is undiscribable persons
so GAGAL, isn't?
hahahhaa :D. stop.stop.stop

forget all about it~

emm, i wanna watch SPF~
but, i cant attend it. because many task from school
and i must do it, TT
ok;) no problem
may be, tomorrow,
I can go with my best friend~
With degrees~ hohohoho, cant forget about you all, Degrees *huggie*

thats all~ see you larr

The project
Written @ 02.00

long time no blogging~
so busy of me, isnt it?

but, i realize that  *AAAA*
I miss u all, friend
esp my best friend
em, i dont aware that now is 23 th of October~
the live so fast lah
I will say
Happy birthday NILA~ wish u all the best
Dont forget to treat me~ okeee ;)
And, tommorrow will be the happy day
becoz it's my friend bithday
so we are Degrees crew are going to distrub her
hahahahaha *cunning*
and i'm going to find her mistake
Also make her be angry

huahahh, so intersting, isn't it?
em, how about my class?
there was so developing,
really, they are very funny and talkative
they always make me smilee :))
and I'm happy
because i find someone who is cute very much oo~
i cant forget the facee
The strange problem,
my friend likes him too

Xiao says : I expect that tomorrow will be success day :D